Software Development Kits

EduSpeakThe EduSpeak SDK is a speech recognition system for computer learning and training applications such as foreign language education, English as a second language (ESL), reading development and interactive tutoring, and corporate training and simulation. Access to its high-accuracy continuous speaker-independent speech recognition engine, is supported through several programming interfaces, such as Macromedia Director and Microsoft ActiveX, making it easy for developers of interactive, multimedia learning products to integrate voice input in their products. For developers of computer-aided language learning and ESL products, SRI's patented pronunciation scoring technology provides feedback to language learners to help them compare how their spoken word or phrase pronunciation compares with that of a native speaker of the language they are learning.

Features & Benefits 

  • Wide range of programming interfaces - Faster integration into multimedia software
  • Works for child and adult voices - Unparalleled accuracy for children ages 4 and up
  • Works for native and non-native speakers - Robust to strong accents
  • Speaker independent - No tedious user training session required
  • Scores pronunciation like a human - Feedback for language learners by word, phrase, or passage
  • Dynamically loadable vocabulary and grammars - Lesson design flexibility
  • Human-calibrated pronunciation scoring
  • Deployable locally, via download, CD/DVD media, or client/server or cloud services

Technical Specifications 

Software Development Kits:
Development environments: C/C++, Java (via JNI), Javascript, Flash, ActiveX and Director
Client/Server versions available
All major web browsers supported

Languages Supported (Native and non-native):
Adults: American and British English, Latin American Spanish, Iraqi Arabic, Pashto and Dari (others on request)
Children: American English
Grammars: GSL/JSGF forms; static or dynamic; natural language understanding

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Linux, Android
Other: Noise-canceling headset microphone preferred

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