As one of the leading independent research organizations in the United States we practice a client-centric approach to providing innovative technical solutions which underlie our commitment to our clients' success.

Services Offered 
SRI International completes over 1,000 different client projects each year, drawing upon the expertise of its diverse technical staff to form multidisciplinary teams addressing the needs of our clients.

Advanced product prototyping - product teams at companies in numerous industries are pursuing innovative applications of speech technology to open up new business opportunities. SRI works with these teams to develop demonstration and prototype systems that clients can use to evaluate and measure the market potential of advanced product concepts.

Customization - applying speech technology to achieve the best possible performance requires customization and optimization. To maximize performance, SRI's speech technology experts apply SRI's in-house customization tools and know-how to provide solutions that go far beyond standard packaged speech systems.

Turnkey development - when speech technology needs to be incorporated as a subsystem within a larger system, SRI's software engineering group performs comprehensive development of subsystems for clients using SRI's speech recognition engines, and delivers speech components that integrators can plug into their products or projects.

Commercial Clients Served 
We serve commercial clients worldwide. SRI works with multinational companies in such industries as computing and communications software and equipment, telecommunications network operators, automobile manufacturers, media companies, and publishers. We also work with venture-backed startup companies and smaller, emerging growth companies, including companies funded under United States Small Business Administration-sponsored Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

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